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How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day EVER at Firefly*
Feb 11, 2020 / Sofia Beer

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. An entire day dedicated to showing the one that you love that he/she is the most important and cherished soul in the world. And as it’s only one day a year, however,…

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New Year, No Alcohol
Jan 12, 2020 / Sofia Beer

Yes, it’s the beginning of a brand new year, and yes, most everyone aspires to be healthier than they’ve ever been… and it’s quite possible you’re a part of that majority. It’s why group fitness…

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The Dinner of a Decade at Firefly* - Southwest for New Year's Eve
Dec 23, 2019 / Sofia Beer

Celebrate New Years Eve at Firefly! In One Year and Out the Other Maybe the last twelve months have been your best yet, or perhaps the last year has put you through the wringer and…

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Is It Too Early to Book Your Holiday Party?
Sep 18, 2019 / Sofia Beer

While it’s still hot and sunny in Las Vegas, the holiday party season is rapidly approaching. Even if you think that it might be too early to start planning your party, now is the time.…

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