Is It Too Early to Book Your Holiday Party?

While it’s still hot and sunny in Las Vegas, the holiday party season is rapidly approaching. Even if you think that it might be too early to start planning your party, now is the time. To avoid the rush, secure your ideal venue, and host your event on a specific day, bookings begin now. 

Book Your Holiday Party in Las Vegas

Let’s Get Started

By planning your event a few months in advance, you will have the opportunity to create a budget, get friends and/or colleagues to help with the planning, and create excitement. If you’re planning a holiday event for your office, allow the process to be collaborative and let others help you decide on a theme.


Now is the time to start creating a guest list. Get an idea of how many guests you’re planning on having at your event. If you’re throwing a holiday party for the office, account for everyone in the office +1 to be on the safe side. You’d rather have more room & food than not enough! 


Find the perfect venue for your event. Are you looking to host a party at your office or do you need to book a venue that can create the scene and prepare the food? If you’re looking to have the event at your office, start calling restaurants to get their catering menu and find something that best suits the style you’re looking for. If you’re looking for someone else to do all the heavy lifting, find a venue that has enough space for the number of guests you’re expecting. Your venue should be able to give you one of these options: a prix fixe menu special for your event, buffet-style dining, or small appetizers for your guests to enjoy while they mingle and enjoy cocktails. 


Now that you have a venue, do you need AV, a DJ, decorations, valet? Ask your venue if they are able to provide any of these resources for you. If they are not, are you able to bring in your own vendors? 

You’ve secured your venue…now what?

After your venue has been secured, send out invites. Digital invites are great and make for easy finding. Don’t forget to set up a reminder email to go out a week before the big event! 


Firefly* Tapas + Kitchen Banquets & Catering - plan your holiday party in las vegas


We have created a short checklist to help with the success of planning your holiday event: 

  • Set a budget
  • Find out how many guests you should plan for.
  • Find a secure venue 
  • Set a date
  • Decide on a type of food. 
  • Secure entertainment 
  • Send invites 
  • Review all contracts
  • Send a reminder to invitees

Looking to book your holiday party at Firefly*? Contact our banquets and events team today!