Las Vegas Brunch

Brunch in Las Vegas

Everyone is always in search of a fabulous brunch right? Something about sipping mimosas and eating breakfast treats just makes us so happy. Well, we’ve taken Sunday brunch up a notch with our selection of breakfast tapas. So if you’re looking for a unique Las Vegas Brunch, look no further.

Typically, when you think of brunch you might think of pancakes and waffles, but what if brunch could be more exciting? We’ve added a Spanish flair to our brunch and we think you will love it.

“A Sunday brunch well spent brings a week of content”

brunch in las vegas

If you’re looking for some fun new dishes to try you’ll want to order the Firefly Omelet with Chorizo and Manchego or the Carne Asada Breakfast Tacos. If you’re feeling more traditional, try the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes or French Toast. No matter which food you choose to order we have a brunch-y drink to match. The most popular drink of choice is, of course, the mimosa but you could always hydrate with any of our sangrias, wines, or margaritas.

3 facts about brunch you might not know

  • Brunch originated became popular in the United States in the 1930s.
  • The word is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch.
  • Guy Beringer invented brunch in 1895

So, now that you have all the facts about brunch and so many reasons to come to our Firefly Sunday Brunch, what are you waiting for? Our Las Vegas brunch will not disappoint. Bring your friends or family and have an enjoyable Sunday, every Sunday from 10 AM-2 PM.