New Year, No Alcohol

Yes, it’s the beginning of a brand new year, and yes, most everyone aspires to be healthier than they’ve ever been… and it’s quite possible you’re a part of that majority. It’s why group fitness classes are packed to the brim (some even waitlisted) and why juice cleanses and Whole 30 recipe books are flying off the shelves all month long. And whether it’s cutting carbs or hot yoga you’re into, it can’t be ignored that abstaining from alcohol and wellness go hand-in-hand. Some Resolution-ers even take on “Dry January”, an entire month devoted to existing for thirty-one days without succumbing to liquor, not at all, not even on a Friday night after a brutal work week. 


And while the spike (pun intended) in non-drinking is evident at the start of the year, studies now show that consuming liquor, in general, has seen a significant global decrease in the past twenty years (especially in people in their 20s and 30s) even beyond all of the Dry Januarys. But why? Thanks to the (mental and physical) health consciousness of the millennial generation, a new movement has arisen. Being, “sober curious”, as it’s called, is a wildly popular trend that’s got hoards of people swapping cocktails for mocktails all around the world.


But, What’s the Difference Between “Sober Curious” and “Being Sober”? 

The idea is that sobriety is a necessary journey for those who struggle with the illness of addiction. Complete abstinence is understandably the only option for those folks and it’s in their best interest that there is no wiggle room. The “sober curious” movement recognizes that this excludes a mass of people who aren’t necessarily clinically addicted to alcohol who are increasingly more “curious” about how occasionally, or even consistently, declining drinks might enrich their lives. It can be an interest in everything from better skin to weight loss or simply a hatred of hangovers that fuel their “sober curiosity”. In short, the “sober curious” are fearlessly stepping outside the age-old social pressures to consume alcohol regularly as they realize drinking may not actually be the best thing for their mental and physical health. 


Firefly* Brings the Party… Without the Alcohol

While we, at Firefly*, love (and make) a good cocktail, we recognize, appreciate, and salute those who are looking to enjoy a night out without the liquor. Our gorgeous new Southwest location, in response, is serving up some truly outrageous mocktails to ensure you have all the delicious options at your fingertips to accommodate your unique and important journey. Check out these inspired non-alcoholic beverages, all for $12 each:


Guava Basil

Guava Basil is a spin on our best-selling house cocktail, The Bourbon Guava Basil, so you never have to feel like you’re missing out. Fresh basil is muddled into a whiskey alternative, guava, and lemon. Yum. A gorgeous pair with our Steak y Papas.


Lychee Mule

Who doesn’t love a Mule?! Sweet lychee and citrusy lemon with just enough heat from the Ginger Beer to balance it all out, this one’s a knockout without the blackout. We use Seedslip Garden 108 in place of vodka which is not only alcohol-free but calorie- and sugar-free as well. Pair this one with our Petite Filet.


Don’t Berry, Be Happy

‘Berry’ fruity and crisp with just a hint of tart, a truly classic martini. In place of liquor, citrusy and zippy Seedslip Grove 42 is used, promising hints of orange and lemongrass. This mocktail is a lovely companion to our Apple Manchego Salad.


Gin & Tonic

Like a regular G&T but better, and not just because it’s missing the alcohol. Lime, rosemary, and cucumber make each sip clean and refreshing. We’ve subbed gin for the herbal and sophisticated taste of Seedslip Garden 108.  Let this one shine alongside the Rosemary Shrimp Skewers.


Fresa Sour

When you’re in need of the zing of a sour, frothy, refreshing mocktail, look no further. Acidic, sweet, and balanced, this stunner pairs beautifully with our Trio of Gelato. In other words, treat yourself.


We’ll see you at Firefly* Southwest where you can be assured you are supported on your journey, whether that includes alcohol or not. We are truly proud of this non-alcoholic drink menu and encourage you to try every drink, especially because we know you can drive home safely after doing so.