The Small Plate Dining Experience- Why You Should Try It
Sep 05, 2019 / Firefly

Small Plate Dining Experience in Las Vegas Small plate dining is not a new experience. In fact, some historians date the tradition back to 212 B.C. But, what does it mean? Well, most small plates,…

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Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas
Sep 05, 2019 / Firefly

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party There are a lot of different ways to celebrate getting married in Vegas. One that never fails… a good old fashioned girl party. Bachelorettes have been flocking to Sin City for…

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How To Make Paella At Home
Jul 26, 2019 / Firefly

How To Make Paella So you are craving paella, but for whatever reason, you can’t go out to eat. But this is like a next level craving and you can’t possibly eat anything else now…

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Summer Drinks To Cool You Down
Jun 24, 2019 / Firefly

Summer Drinks in Las Vegas Summer is finally here. With that comes longer days, pool parties, summer shenanigans, and if you live in Las Vegas, HEAT. It gets really, really hot in Vegas. So in…

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Las Vegas Brunch
Jun 13, 2019 / Firefly

Brunch in Las Vegas Everyone is always in search of a fabulous brunch right? Something about sipping mimosas and eating breakfast treats just makes us so happy. Well, we’ve taken Sunday brunch up a notch…

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7 Guilt Free Tapas to Enjoy with Friends
May 21, 2019 / Firefly

7 Tapas You Can Enjoy You may not think of eating out as the healthiest option, but sometimes it can be. If you’re counting calories or tracking carbs you still want to be able to…

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Is Dancing Good For You? The Answer Might Surprise you.
May 15, 2019 / Firefly

Show off Your Dancing Skills at Firefly on Latin Night Dancing is a pretty old pastime. The origins of ballet can be traced to the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. The first records…

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Spanish Wines that will have you longing for Spain
Apr 16, 2019 / Firefly

Spanish Wine in Las Vegas Have you been dreaming of Spain? Although it might be nice, you don’t have to go to Spain to enjoy fantastic Spanish wines. We’ve put together a list of wines…

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3 Reasons You Can't Miss Latin Night Las Vegas
Apr 12, 2019 / Firefly

Latin Night in Las Vegas Friday nights have become a tradition at our restaurant. We’re known for serving amazing Spanish food and drinks, but now we’re known for our authentic Latin Night. In Fact, our…

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Super Secret Spring Sangria Recipe
Apr 02, 2019 / Firefly

How to Make Sangria – Our Recipe Our Sangria Recipe has been the talk of the town since we opened in 2003 and customers have been asking for our recipe for years. While we can’t…

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