The Small Plate Dining Experience- Why You Should Try It

Small Plate Dining Experience in Las Vegas

Small plate dining is not a new experience. In fact, some historians date the tradition back to 212 B.C. But, what does it mean? Well, most small plates, or “tapas” dining experiences, have smaller portions for a reason. Did you know that when John Simmons (Executive chef and owner of Firefly) opened his doors, most people had no idea what tapas were? There are still several people who have never had the pleasure of eating this way. So grab a glass of your favorite Tempranillo and let’s break down some of the reasons why tapas have become so popular in the last 5-10 years.

small plate dining experience in las vegas

Sharing is Caring

One of the best things about tapas-style dining is you don’t have to make any hard and fast decisions. Everyone orders a few things in rounds and shares it all. You can come with a large group and try everything on the menu (without feeling awkward like you do when you do it alone). Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Try a Variety of Flavors

Its the worst feeling when you sit down to a meal at a nice restaurant and you see five things on the menu you want to sample. It just all looks so good, but at most restaurants, you couldn’t possibly eat more than one entreé. At a tapas restaurant, you can sample all the flavors and textures of traditional Spanish food without having to make any big decisions. If you don’t like something, it’s ok to trade with a friend.

Try all the Wine Pairings

Nothing goes better with Spanish foods than wine, specifically Spanish wine. But, why pick just one when you could sample a variety of wines with all of your tapas? In Spain, rarely is a dinner served without wine. So why not enjoy that tradition at your next tapas dining experience?

Ok, so are you ready to try a small plate or tapas dining experience? Or maybe you have already. What are your favorite items to share with friends?